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Fisherman's Challenge

This is a timed event, fastest time will win!

Sign up for the competition now using this link.

Here is an example of what a past challenge looked like.

Station #1:  Time starts when Sou’wester is picked up, it must be worn on your head during the competition. Put both gloves on and head to

Station #2. The gloves do not have to be worn during the whole event but must accompany you to each station and to the finish.

Station #2: You must splice a loop into the rope. You must make 3 tucks. Time penalty of 1:15 minutes for not splicing, 0.25 seconds for each tuck below 3. Head to Station 3.

Station #3: You are to bait a pot. Place at least 10 pieces of bait in the bait bag. Place the bag on the spike and double hitch it to the spike. For every piece of bait below the 10 count required there is a 0.10 second penalty per piece.

Next you must install an escape hatch into the pot. One side must be clipped in with iron ring. One iron ring can miss the hatch. Proceed to Station 4.

Station #4: You must coil the 30 fathom line up. You do not have to tie the coil up. Proceed to Station 5.

Station #5: Stack the pots. Pile the pots in 3 tiers of 3 pots. Proceed to Station 6.

Station #6: Place your pair of gloves along with your Sou’wester on the barrel. When all items are on the barrel your time stops.


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