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Available Food at the Exhibition

We're excited to announce the following food vendors will be available at the 2024 Western Nova Scotia Exhibition:

Atlantic Sweets & Treats/Applelicious - Apple fritter, funnel cake, candy apple, chocolate covered treats, marshmallows, marshmallow cookie sandwich and puff chips.

Mama Pita - Rice bowls, pitas, salads, deep-fried pickles, vegan foods, etc.

Tastylicious Treats - Variety ob burgers, variety of hot dogs, poutine, mozzarella sticks, ice cream, sundaes, coffee, etc.

The Cake Lady - German pastries, etc.

Lil Orbit Donuts - 6 mini donuts for $3, 10 for $4, 15 for $6, 25 for $8 or 40 for $10

Little Town Coffee co - Americano, cappuccino/latte, dirty chai, drip coffee, mocha, cold brew, non-coffee drinks include, town fog, matcha latte, tea, hot chocolate, pink drink, strawberry lemonade, and smoothie.

The Sugar Hut - Dippin dots, snow ball, shark bite, Hawaiian rainbow, unicorn fluff, sour patch, banana split, orange creamcycle, pop and water.


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